Made in Murcia | PIJO®

The brand was born thanks to the idea of creating a line of products with a clear Murcian character but with the possibility of traveling outside regional borders. From there came the name "PIJO"; on the one hand, for Murcia a word linked to our jargon and that has different connotations; On the other hand, the word posh means refined, elegant or classy.

Other consolidated Murcian companies in our Region that are the manufacturers of these products joined the project.


Patatas Rubio

Our chips are made in the facilities of Patatas Rubio, a Bullas company that dates back to 1965. Their constant evolution and success has allowed them to increase production capacities and develop new lines of products with excellent quality internationally.

Pimentón Albarracín

Murciana, founded in 1854, is the oldest family company in its paprika production sector. All the most authentic flavor in our fried potatoes with paprika chicken flavor.

Cartones Saeco

Our boxes are produced by SAECO, a company founded in Molina de Segura (Murcia) in 1979. Dedicated to the manufacture of packaging and corrugated cardboard packaging, aimed at the agri-food and industrial sector, for the entire national level.

Plásticos Romero

Plásticos Romero is a Murcian company committed to society and strict compliance with its legal, moral and ethical obligations, integrating economic, social and environmental policies into its business culture.

A perfect way to marry a business project with the commitment acquired with the land that has been born, offering of course quality products for all types of customers.

We are proud of this project that little by little the Murcians are making theirs and that already transcends international borders.